Friday, July 22, 2005

Dibs on this name...

Just received a bit of junk mail from "Frugality O. Various". Is it a great name, or what? Dibs on it!

A bit from the current WIP: "Dominique came from a solid peasant stock, not frequently given to fancy; still, in the privacy of the thick bones of her skull, she dreamt of an Asian gentleman who insisted on being called Buddha, and small dogs with sharp white teeth."

Have been reading some message boards, and felt tempted to reply to things a few times. Resisted the impulse, but made a few general observations:
1) "If you're not with us you're against us" mentality doesn't seem to further discussion on literary movements.
2) Calling someone an idiot does not invalidate their point. The biggest fool can say that the sun will rise tomorrow; it doesn't make it untrue.
3) Often, statements of fact are misinterpreted as hostility. Some folks like to feel persecuted. Or maybe they can't separate their core beliefs from their favorite icecream brand.

Yes, I like to state the obvious. If something is obvious it doesn't mean I can't find it interesting.

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