Sunday, November 06, 2005

Favorite Stories

Ganked from Mike Jasper -- writers talk about which of their stories they like best.

I like all my stories -- which is fairly obvious; I wouldn't have written them otherwise. But I like some more than others, and some of my favorites show recurring themes.

"Kikimora" (Jabberwocky #1) and "Yakov and the Crows" (Book of Dark Wisdom #10, tentatively) are two of my modern-day Russian fairytales. They are similar in that they deal with people who cannot accept the new world that springs around them. Scary world.

"Just Chutney" (Aeon #3)and "Hector Meets the King" (Strange Pleasures #4) are both about mythical heroes who grapple with growing old, and try to pay long-overdue debts.

Among the unpublished ones, "The Clockmaker's Daughter" and "Pastoral with Buddha" are very dear to me. Incidentally, both have young female protagonists -- unusual for me, but perhaps it is another emerging trend.

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