Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Cover art and ToC for The New Book of Masks

Text:UR cover

Text:UR - The New Book of Masks, Ed. Forrest Aguirre

Nadia Gregor - Faure, Envenomed, Dictates
Eric Schaller - Monkey Shines
Toiya Kristen Finley - The Avatar of Background Noise
Christine Boyka Kluge - Parchment and Twigs
Sarah Totton - Bluecoat Jack
Terese Svoboda - The Lindberg Baby
Tamar Yellin - Strangers on a Train
Joe Murphy - Bitter Almonds and Absinthe
Christine Boyka Kluge - No Mooing in the Moonlight
Catherine Kasper - The Theater Spectacular
Joshua Cohen - Last Transmission or Man with a Robotic Ermine
Darren Speegle - Peace Rituals
Jay Lake/Ruth Nestvold - Incipit
Lance Olsen - Six Questions for an Alien
E. Sedia - A Play for a Boy and Sock Puppets
Christine Boyka Kluge - Documenting My Abduction
Tom Miller - When the Devil Met Baldrick Beckenbauer
Rikki Ducornet - The Scouring
Brian Evenson - Fugue-State
Jason Erik Lundberg - Most Excellent and Lamentable

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