Thursday, June 21, 2007

Long-overdue updates

So a bunch of people are doing something with their blogs -- redesigning, adding new content... Paul Jessup of GrendelSong, for example, is posting a serial novel here

Mr. VanderMeer redesigned his entire online presence here

Me? I just neglect mine. Anyway, the good news: a story of mine that was scheduled to appear in Fantasy will now be in August issue of Clarkesworld Magazine.

The bad news: my air conditioning died and the entire system needs to be replaced.

The other news: Work on the novel (The Alchemy of Stone) continues apace -- at 50,000 now, which explains my radio silence.

Stating the obvious: BPAL=crack.


Scott M. Sandridge said...

Awesome! I plan to review the Moscow one when it comes out, whenever I manage to get my hands on a copy (I'm still looking for nearby bookstores in the area I recently moved to).

Now that I finally managed to finish a novel I know how time-consuming novel writing can be, especially if you have a specific deadline to get it done.

It's a whole different monster compared to the short story!

So Kudos! Times three now! Or is that 2 1/2? :)

Fish Monkey said...

Thanks, Scott! It should be in Borders and B&N, if all goes as planned.

Thankfully, the second book is very close to being done, so three times it is!