Sunday, November 08, 2009


1. I will be heading home for the holidays! Very excited about that -- we'll be in Moscow for two weeks, late December to early January.

2. This month, I'll be in NYC. NYC people, let me know what day would be good/if you want to get together for food.

3. PROJECT RUNWAY!!!! This week's inspiration: The Getty Center. Awesome architecture, art, vistas inspired not so awesome outfits.

After Christopher did his normal poor farmboy who was not given many opportunities blah blah speech, he suddenly decided that he's a weird and wacky guy. Then he made the same silhouette he made every darn week.

He was inspired by algae on the rock. Look, my undergraduate concentration was in Algology and Mycology, I love algae. They are beautiful:

This dress?

Doesn't do them justice. The top part would be ok if it wasn't the exact copy of his previous 'vampire bride' outfit. The green splotch is just weird. So Christopher cried and was finally kicked off. The only mystery was how did he hold on for so long.

Althea's outfit, inspired by the architecture of the Getty Center, was not very well made. Heidi called it a mess-fest, and she was not wrong:

But because she took a risk and based on her past performance, she was welcomed as one of the top three.

Meanwhile, Gordana got inspired by a Monet painting of a Gothic cathedral. Her dress was amazing:

Even Heidi had to agree, and the rest of the judges grudgingly admitted that yes, it was her best outfit yet. Did Gordana get to go to Bryant Park? Don't be silly, of course not. Nina Garcia thoughtfully said that she still didn't know who Gordana was as a designer. I suspect that Ms. Garcia's frequent absences had more to do with that than Gordana's style, and that those who watched the show know who she is as a designer -- she values simplicity and classic silhouettes that are lifted from being ordinary by their exquisite workmanship and amazing detailing. You would think that people in fashion industry would be able to recognize that.

Irina and Carol Hannah made nice dresses.


Carol Hannah:

They both got to go to fashion week. I'm not unhappy about the final three, but I do feel bad for Gordana: along with being treated terribly for the entire season, she didn't get to go to Bryant Park even though her dress was clearly the best in the bunch.

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