Monday, February 01, 2010

Fashiony things

What's on my dining room table right now? This:

An amazingly gorgeous book on Isabel Toledo (an awesome, awesome Christmas gift from an awesome friend), an Anthropologie catalog, and two Vogues -- the Russian and the UK versions. Here's a brief photo essay of the contents:



Yes yes, they cater to the young and gamine, while I'm neither. I still like their stuff.

The UK Vogue -- from gamine to girly:

The Russian Vogue has a ton of really interesting spreads; I might post more soon, but for now here's some stuff from Demarchelier's shoot:

(Note Nina Ricci's heelless shoes!)

Finally, Isabel Toledo. I blogged before seeing her exhibit at F.I.T. museum with Genevieve, and what a revelation it was. The way her garments are constructed is incredibly beautiful and architecturally inventive. Here're some quick examples of the awesome:

Yes, I plan to spend many hours studying this. I might post additional images soon.

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