Monday, May 24, 2010

Various updatery

1) Running with the Pack got a starred review from Publishers Weekly:

Running with the Pack
Edited by Ekaterina Sedia, Prime (www, $14.95 paper (352p) ISBN 978-1-60701-219-1
Sedia (Paper Cities) collects 22 tales that look at werewolves from a multitude of different angles. Steve Duffy's chilling dental thriller "Side-Effects May Include" examines how far a man will go to end his pain. A damaged alpha gains the trust of a homeless woman in Maria V. Snyder's "Mongrel." Murderous soccer moms eat cheaters in Samantha Henderson's "Skin in the Game." A woman accidentally turned wolf struggles against her dual nature before learning to accept it in Erzebet YellowBoy's powerful "Inside Out." The origin of T.J. from Carrie Vaughn's Kitty Norville series is told in "Wild Ride," and Mike Resnick's preacher/con-artist Lucifer Jones makes an appearance in the hilarious "Royal Bloodlines." The stories veer from comedy to horror and from tragic love story to coming-of-age tale, showing the richness inherent in the idea of shifting shapes and animal strength.

2) The Alchemy of Stone got another piece of fanart, posted here. I like the happy air surrounding blood and eyeballs!

3) This weekend, we went to the Amish Market. I bought a duck, which I intend to roast with some delicious glaze, possibly next weekend. Expect more food pics!

4) On exercise front, I added deadlifts to the regular rotation. My knees are generally a concern, so I avoid any exercise that puts significant stress on them. However, I recently tried deadlifting using a sumo stance (wide stance with toes pointing at 45 degree angle, and with your arms going on the inside of your knees rather than the outside), and it is wonderful. Starting with low weights for now -- 80-90 lbs, but hoping to build up soon, if the joints allow. Oh, the joy of new exercises!

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