Sunday, August 29, 2010

Fall Wardrobe Checklist

1) Pull all fall/winter clothes, try them on. Separate into piles: "fine as is", "tailor", "repurpose", "donate".

2) "Fine as is" get steamed to freshen them up. Even though I don't put out of season things in storage (there's virtue in keeping everything in one place), sweaters that have been sitting on a shelf for month look a bit sad.

3) Waterproof all suede shoes using suede spray.

4) Waterproof and clean leather - Lexol will work on shoes, coats and bags.

5) Take things to the tailor/donation center as needed. (I had to have three skirts tailored this year, and I'm glad I didn't wait until I actually needed them). Also, for donations, consider taking stuff directly to women's shelters, especially professional wear.

6) Work on "repurpose" pile: clothes that don't quite work but not ready to be donated. Dresses repurpose easily into skirts/slips. Summer dresses easily become fall dresses with some layering and added lining.

7) As necessary, refill on clothing care items: suede and leather sprays, washing bags for delicate items, organizer gizmos, lint brushes, Woolite and everything else you need to take care of your wools, cashmere, and other fussy fabrics.

8) Make sure there're enough basic accessories - tights and socks, scarves, gloves, camis, tanks.

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