Friday, August 05, 2011

Project Runway: Two Weeks in!

I'm pleased that my earlier faves -- Danielle, Becky, and Viktor -- are still on, and making clothes I like! Fallene is stumbling, and seems too flighty for this competition. Not decided on Cecilia yet.

Danielle and Becky have competition though: the adorable Olivier (who presented a menswear collection in his pre-show portfolio, so I had nothing to go by) is making very chicly understated clothing. The palette is a bit grey and beige, but I am totally down with that. This week's challenge (unconventional materials from a pet store) allowed him to make an excellent top from a dog bed, and an ombre skirt from hamster bedding. It was a winner! I am excited to see him make more sleek minimalist pieces in pale neutral palettes. Man, I am so there.

Also, Olivier is from Ohio but speaks in a drifty, Britishy accent. People on Twitter were ragging on him about it, but I'm as ok with fake accents as I am with died hair.

Then there is one contestant who surprised me by his strong showing this week: Anthony Ryan. He talks too much smack about other designers to be likable, but his dress this week was very nice. I am rooting against him based on personality alone. He's not over the top enough to be a good villain, and comes across as a bit of an annoyingly arrogant ass instead. (Viktor has a bit of arrogance going as well, but he seems so up and down with it that I haven't yet decided if I dislike him). This is what Anthony made:

Also, Heidi talks more and more with each season. I am happy she is gaining more confidence, but telling one designer that she thought he should've won? Uncool. Let the winners enjoy their wins without slapping them, yeesh.

So who went home? SPOILER! The Mormon accountant Joshua C., who talked about not yet finding the right girl and cried a lot. That was a well-deserved elimination, based on his showing last week and this week. However, sparks were just starting to fly between him and Joshua M., so I am sad to miss out on watching their slowly blooming romance, right girls notwithstanding.


Lev AC Rosen said...

I thought they were really harsh on Falene. Yeah, it was an autumnal dress with a not particularly original silhouette, but it wasn't awful, she used an interesting material for the skirt and it had a nice looking texture to it. I thought Joshua M's top was awful, but the skirt was okay, even with the tag. And I was also sad to see the blossoming romance killed. Would Joshua M have coaxed Joshua C into a more intimate meeting of the Joshuas? And what is up with Heidi going crazy chatterbox this season? It's like now that she's retired as a model she feels a need to prove her fashion chops. And she's overcompensating. Although it is sort of hilarious to watch. Loved Olivier's dress, though. They got the win right.

Fish Monkey said...

Lev -- I agree about Fallene, but her clothes were a bit blah this time. They were missing a puking clown, I think. Overall, she has a very Etsy vibe, and I just wish she'd go nuts with her crafty self.

I didn't hate Joshua M's top, but rather was surprised Nina didn't question his taste level.

And I think that Heidi is actually getting MORE confident now, even though her own hemlines and makeup make ME question her taste level.

Lev AC Rosen said...

I think you're right, Heidi is getting more confident, not trying to prove something. She's just doing in this very loud way, and I imagine its also the editing, but she and Nina are looking at each other with knives. Which is sort of fun to watch...

And whenever I think of Fallene, I think of those kinda steampunk shorts, which were very cool. I want her to do more of that.

I also want to see Danielle get some praise - both her designs thus far have been awesome.

I wonder if Joshua M's top looked better in person on the runway with the sparkle from the gemstones, and Fallene looked worse, with a plasticy sort of texture. Whenever I disagree with Nina I usually assume that seeing it in person is somehow a pretty big shift.

Fish Monkey said...

Well... Nina is a taste-maker, so she is responsible for finding the lowest common denominator; Kors is not exactly an innovator either. So I assume that their choices are often driven by their idea of what the customers want (and they have a lot of contempt for their customers, let me tell you --

Oh! And Lev, are you submitting anything to Bloody Fabulous ( I would be really happy if you did.