Saturday, March 01, 2014


In a surprising twist of fashion fate, I recently got invited to a trunkshow in New York -- moreover, it was a Delpozo trunkshow, hosted by Moda Operandi at the Queen Sofia Spanish Institute on Park Avenue. Since I am a fan of 1) Delpozo; 2) Moda Operandi; 3) Spain (especially Catalonia), I went, and Genevieve kindly agreed to accompany me. It was great!

Here's the thing about Delpozo: this is their latest RTW collection, Fall/Winter 2014 (which, incidentally, is what we got to see in person and close up during this trunkshow.) You can see why people are really excited about Delpozo's revival, and why their new designer, Josep Font, is deserving of every single nice thing that is being said about him. I love the combination of sculptural shapes with delicate detailing, and the color palette that combines the refined beige with poppy mustards and inky blues, classic black and marled grays with icy blue pastels, the very strong silhouettes of the coats with chiffon evening wear. This collection has everything: tailoring and draping, delicacy and strength, and in its forms it is somewhat reminiscent (albeit not referential) of another Spanish designer -- Cristobal Balenciaga. It might seem an obvious comparison, based on nationality, but I would argue that some of it is due to shared cultural touchstones: both have created outerwear reminiscent of traditional matador jackets. Moreover,  Font's background in architecture gives him the grounding and the skill to create proportions and shapes not bound by the usual expectations of figure flattery -- something Balenciaga has eschewed, relying instead on strong shoulder and sculptural volume.

At the trunkshow, I had the pleasure of briefly meeting Mr. Font, who was very sweet and unassuming and let me take his picture! So that was my fangirl moment of the day. Later, of course, I learned that I really should focus the camera while looking through my glasses, not above them.

Another lesson learned: if invited to a fashion thing, arriving early is a good strategy -- with few people, there are good opportunities to take pictures of racks and racks of clothing, nice wall paintings, as well as models wearing gorgeous outfits.

(Josep Font with the model)

(Can you tell how much I love this capelet? Yeah, this much.)

And final lesson: if I am ever to host a swanky event, invest in a great looking venue and some faux leopards.

All in all, another great outing. And I got to wear my new favorite coat by Daria Razumikhina! With a VanHongo skirt, because OF COURSE.

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