Friday, September 05, 2014

New York Almost Fashion Week

 So it's this time of the year again. No, I do not mean NYFW but rather the time when Kate Wendelborn of Protagonist presents her next collection, and I travel to NYC like a fashion-forward Hamelin rat.

I feel like I repeat myself a lot -- Wendelborn's aesthetic is as minimal and luxe as always, and the clothes are just as tempting. She continues to develop her pared-down style, and the collection now includes heavenly pants, chunky and lightweight knits, and even skirts and dresses. And as always, there is a plethora of buttoned shirts with gracefully elongated cuffs, silk blouses with scooped hemlines, and superbly cut tanks. There was even a couple of printed pieces in a lovely abstract watercolor that Kate described as "a print for women who don't wear prints".

I am pleased to see that Barney's now carries a few of her pieces too (some are exclusive, including a gorgeous Merlot layered-cuff shirt). But as much as the collection itself, I enjoy the shopping experience -- the chance to chat with the designer and the staff of The Apartment, to shop in a very laid-back atmosphere, and to fulfill the fantasy of being the only person in the store full of amazing clothes. Just look at these racks! Also, as is proper for a fantasy, everything there is the sort of thing I really really like.

 (Needless to say, I did buy a piece. )

And of course I petted the house dog! (Yes, there is food on this table. No, fashion people don't eat.)

 They have redecorated the main space, and I just love the interior design there:

And then it was off to meet Genevieve, grab some ice cream, and head to the fashion show! Brand Assembly is collaborating with Lord and Taylor, and they are carrying a range of limited-edition exclusive pieces by a few up-and-coming brands - Sachin and Babi, Torn by Ronny Kobo, Michelle Kim, Danielle Kallmeyer and Priory of Ten, to name a few. 

First, we looked at the clothes, which are reasonably priced, and lovely:

Love that TORN by Ronny Kobo crochet sweater!

See the logo? Proof we were there!

 And then there was a runway show highlighting the collection. Models whizzed by at warp speeds, so I had better luck capturing the audience and their reaction than the actual looks, but hey.

(This Priory of Ten look is so good, it had to be snapped twice.)

 Here's the program!

And this was my day. Now it's back to school and back to work. So long, fantasy life!

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Maggie A said...

Gorgeous! I love the spirit of fashion week so much! :)

Maggie A