Thursday, April 09, 2015

Spring and return to blogging

And this is how it always goes: I decide to blog more regularly and then the semester hits, stories and scripts become due, and the weather is too horrible to contemplate stepping outside voluntarily.
Thankfully, spring has arrived - at least, I can resume my regular walks; no need to wear two coats and a blanket anymore. Look, we even went out to an Easter brunch! (And took out some gardening supplies.)

This is my Issey Miyake Pleats Please dress. Shoes are LD Tuttle.

Of course it's still a bit chilly so I'm wearing a vintage Japanese kimono. Cuff was a gift from a friend.

I intend to start posting again with some regularity; I did recently travel to NYC to see the Bjork exhibit at MOMA  (underwhelming but had its moments and reignited my interest in her music videos), and to visit with Jona Sees of Inaisce, which was amazing. Full report forthcoming!

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