Saturday, October 27, 2007

News Galore

Quite a bit is happening here.

First, I'll be at WFC in Saratoga Springs next weekend. I'll be on a panel, even:

SUNDAY, 11 AM. City Center C
Urban Fantasy—Beyond the Usual Suspects. It seems as if most urban fantasy uses the familiar European myths. What other possibilities are there? Which authors have successfully exploited them?
Marie Brennan, David Anthony Durham, Melanie Fletcher, Ernest Lilley, Ekaterina Sedia.

Second, my story from October Analog, "Virus Changes Skin", was selected to appear in Richard Horton's Year's Best SF. Wee!

Finally, Prime will be publishing two more of my books -- THE ALCHEMY OF STONE in 2008 and THE HOUSE OF DISCARDED DREAMS in 2009.


Ana Cristina said...

Hi! I came across your blog through, where I also learned about your new book, The Secret History of Moscow. Well, I read an excerpt of your book, and I have to tell you I'm hooked. I only wish there was more available online so that I could keep reading! I tried ordering it on, but it shows it hasn't come out yet. Sorry to be a pest, but do you know when it might become available in the U.S.? You can write me at Thanks ever so much.

Fish Monkey said...

The book actually exists -- last I heard, it was shipping. So I expect Amazon to have it in a week or two?