Saturday, November 10, 2007

The book exists!

Last weekend, The Secret History of Moscow was launched at WFC. We had a fun party with chocolate, cheese, beer, and rubber rats. Overall, WFC was a blast -- got to see many old friends and gape at many luminaries. Met a ton of new people -- everyone was wonderful and kind, and I feel I made new friends too.

Meanwhile, John Scalzi has kindly invited me to contribute to his The Big Idea feature at Ficlets blog -- here is my rambly explanation of how The Secret History came about and why I wanted to write it.

Finally: The Secret History is listed as available at and B&N, so I deduce it's a real book now. It's both exciting and scary, and I hope people like it.


Book Calendar said...

I really enjoyed reading your novel, the Secret History of Moscow. I put up a brief review of it.

Can you tell me what your next novel will be. I like your writing style.

Fish Monkey said...

Thank you so much for your kind words! I'm really thrilled that you enjoyed the book.

My next one will be coming out in June -- it is called The Alchemy of Stone, and it's a bit different. But it has cities, gaegoyles and mechanical girls. Oh, and revolution.