Monday, August 17, 2009

Back to school shopping

Sure sure, most normal people get over the whole back to school thing by their mid-twenties (for themselves, at least.) I, however, work in academia, which prolongs the excitement all the way to retirement. And it seems like such a good time to update one's wardrobe with a few basics! So, these are the things on my list -- or they would be if I had an unlimited budget. As is, it's a mix of needs and wants.

1) Tights -- nothing is better for reviving the wardrobe on the cheap. Cheap and colorful can always be found at Hue. For more fancy options, Sockdreams are a reliable favorite. For unusual and a tad more pricey, nothing beats Vivienne Westwood tights, which are notoriously difficult to track down. Thankfully, there's Matsu Ladies that carries a great selection of those. Like these, for example:

Worth every penny!

2) Layering basics. T-shirts and tanktops are always welcome, and places like Target etc stock a good range of cheap options. If, however, one feels like spending $20 on a T-shirt, one should try Royalton -- extra-soft, very slinky, do not add bulk, and their organic sea cotton is whispery and is like nothing in the world.

3) Actual clothes.

This skirt from Martin+Osa is a steal, and it is perfect for my wardrobe. They have a bunch of other nice things for sale, too. A great place for low-key basics, including cardigans.

I already rhapsodized Victoria's Secret fall line, and there are a few pieces I am loving. This scoopneck sweater is beautiful but probably unrealistic. This leather jacket, however, looks like something I can get tons of mileage out of:

4) A bag.

I splurged on this from Blowfish. It fits everything I need, plus whatever student papers I need to bring home and back. It also comes in three different colors; I went with yellow because this fall I'm planning on the overall black-white-grey scheme with bright yellows and blues and purples.

5) Boots.

I really want these from Blowfish (I seem to develop a great affinity to Blowfish). They are simultaneously classic, weird, slouchy, funky and go with everything. I would wear them with jeans or pencil skirts, no question.

So, is there anything you're considering for fall?

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