Friday, August 28, 2009

Project Runway

So after the first two episodes, I have some things to say.

1) I liked the all-female panel discussing maternity wear last night; I was surprised that none of them mentioned how many of the outfits had halter tops or spaghetti straps, which would seem like a BAD thing -- a supportive bra would be impossible to wear under those.

2) I'm glad that Shirin won -- Shirin, Irina, and Louise are my current faves. I'm happy to see young female designers putting together things that are so nice and pretty and yet interesting. I also like Epperson and Ra'mon, and I'm very curious to see more from Qristyl.

3) Malvin shouldn't have gone home. Yes, his outfit was not great and the chicken and egg concept was hilarious -- I mean, how many chickens walk around with their eggs strapped to their belly? -- but the man knows how to sew and has ideas. Mitchell, on the other hand, supplements mediocre ideas with poor sewing and model-blaming.

4) Unexpectedly, I'm liking Models of the Runway show. I like that they are so outspoken and there's no stupid fighting (they seem to be aiming to amp up the drama in the next one, sadly.) I find it really endearing, really -- all these nice articulate young women who are so open about liking and disliking designers. I loved the collective groan of disappointment when Malvin was kicked off, I loved how supportive they were of their designers. I'm not loving the elimination, but it is definitely an interesting dynamics that gives some insight into designer minds. Fatma is awesome, and Katie/Tara duo is adorkable.

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