Friday, September 11, 2009

Oh, Project Runway.

So last night episode sported a bizarre judging panel: first, Michael Kors is gone, and now Nina Garcia sent in a replacement (I did watch "Running in Heels", so seeing Zoe Glassner gave me warm fuzzies). But designer-wise, could they find someone less obscure? Who was that guy?

Anyway, important part:

Althea won with this:

I do really like the cut of this little jacket, although am less crazy about the skirt. Also, a grey top is perhaps safe, but I love grey-black combo.

However, the two dresses that I liked a lot didn't make it into top three. Clearly, the judges fault.

First, Gordana surprised and delighted with this peach dress:

I like the simplicity of the cut a lot, as well as the braided detailing in the center. It also moved really well. Lovely, all in all.

Finally, Nicolas also surpassed my expectations. Until last night, I didn't like any of his designs, but this is just so classic and pretty. The tall collar is an especially great detail.


Cheryl said...

With you all the way here. Didn't see the show, but on the basis of those pictures the judges are clearly clueless. That last dress is gorgeous.

Maurice Broaddus said...

gordana was my second favorite dress this week. efferson's dress took top honors with me this week.

Fish Monkey said...

Cheryl -- I think it is possible for people to genuinely disagree on fashion. I just wish they didn't keep changing the judges for more and more obscure ones, and actually paid attention to what the challenge was.

I liked Epperson's dress well enough, and I appreciated the workmanship. The color, however, was a tad boring, not to mention it was completely opposite of what the model wanted. I was surprised that the judges didn't even talk about how well the designers address the model's wishes.