Friday, April 16, 2010

Oh, Project Runway, you slay me

So, last night was a standoff between Mila and Jay, and a welcome addition to the otherwise dull episode where Tim Gunn gets to visit everyone and tell them what worries him. Also: he gets on a trampoline with Seth Aaron's kids. Tim Gunn is dignified even when he falls over (not that I doubted).

So anyway, Mila vs Jay. Spoilers follow.

I heard Mila being frequently criticized for being one note -- black and white, colorblocking, mod/retro esthetic. OK, fair enough. However, it's not like Jay presents different silhouettes -- ugly pants with narrow leg and poufed hips and thighs (or skirts poufed on the hip with bonus ruffles), clingy tops, exaggerated collars. He does the same thing over and over, all the while talking about being fashion forward and awesome. Also, his esthetic is so close to what a bunch of manufacturers of young clothing are doing -- and yet, the judges keep calling him fresh and interesting; I always suspected that they mean 'young', but yesterday it came into sharp focus.

Michael Kors admonished Mila because her clothes are retro and this is NOT what the girls today want. It never entered his mind that it is possible to design not for girls but for women, and that fashion can actually appeal to adults in their late thirties and beyond rather then being knit sportswear separates for the teen and the twenty-something set. Because really. How many designers making destroyed baggy t-shirts, leggings and fashion sweats does the world need? Most clothing retailers are swimming in knit tops and Alexander Wang knock-offs while finding a tailored white shirt is near impossible (I need one!)

Thankfully, the good sense prevailed and Jay and his designs were sent home. Which is just fine by me -- he calls himself innovative, but in reality is just another one of those who want to create pretty outfits without consideration of how it would look on a variety of body types. Sorry, if human body annoys one and presents an obstacle to one's beautiful designs, I don't want to see one in Project Runway finals. Mila's clothes, on the other hand, I would totally wear. The woman can cut a wonderful coat.

(And so can Seth Aaron. I think he might even win this thing -- his jackets are just lovely.)

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Eldheni said...

Different tastes for different folks, I guess. I dislike everything about Mila's clothes and her finals looks were nothing short of dowdy. My MOM might have worn those clothes, I surely would not (and yes, I am a thoroughly adult female)

I hope one of the guys wins. (and at this point, I am rooting for Seth Aaron. Dang, that man can make clothes!)