Thursday, July 08, 2010

On Turning Forty

July 9th is my fortieth birthday, and while the number doesn't carry any particular significance to me, apparently there are expectations to face when one turns this age. In particular, lady magazines inform me that my hemline shouldn't stray more than two inches above my knee come tomorrow. Also, there was something about accessories needing punching up (for me it will probably mean graduating to one of those ancient Egyptian collars.) But you know, these are just silly rules.

And yet, there's some significance in opening up another decade. I do feel more content with my life than when I was in my twenties or even early thirties. I am more confident, and happier in my skin. I'm excited to see what the new decade brings. And for now, here're some significant personal milestones of my thirties, because it is important to take stock every ten years or so:

1) Acquired both of our cats, Aja and Attila;
2) got my PhD;
3) started my dream job;
4) decided to start writing (in 2003);
5) since then, published three novels and got the best agent ever;
6) edited two anthologies;
7) got tenure and promotion at the day job;
8) started working out again;
9) completely overhauled my eating habits and started cooking more;
10) got newly interested in fashion;
11) started blogging;
12) enjoyed the support of my husband throughout.

So yes, I'm excited for the next ten years. Who knows? I'm having another novel coming out later this year, then an anthology and another novel in 2011, then a short story collection (and if all goes well, another antho.) I might branch out into personal style blogging too; I certainly want to do more writing about food and posting pictures of my culinary experiments. I want to write more nonfiction.

And while I didn't completely cave in to the lady mags' demands, I did make one age-appropriate and generally ladylike thing: my toenail polish is no longer purple but pearly pink. And I really like it.

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Craig said...

Hi Ekaterina..!! I too was born on July 9th 1970... and feeling pretty cool about it now the original turning 40 thing passed..!!