Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Outfit post 2

This is the second outfit I wore at my photoshoot. Here, I went for a completely different proportion with highwaisted, pleated silk pants (anathema in all flattering dressing gurus' books). I played with proportion some more by adding my highest heels, and a patterned jacket.

 Here's a better view of the jacket (vintage Anne Klein -- old enough for the ILGWU label, natch):

And without it. The blouse is vintage, the only inherited piece I have -- from a German great-great aunt.

Also, check out that Marni cuff! You can probably guess how many Wonder Woman comments I get when wearing this one.

Most of these pictures were taken around the UPenn Museum of Archeology and Anthropology in Philadelphia. Statues and fountains!

 (And a better view of the shoes. These are my most comfortable heels even though they are the highest -- Rachel  Comey shoes are a fave.)

Again, many thanks to JR Blackwell. I learned several things during this photoshoot: black and white, my natural inclination, is the way to go, apparently -- I really like the way they play against the background. Also, I like the way these photos look, so to me it means that my outfit ideas translate pretty well into the actual presentation. I like clothes like these -- interesting yet slightly formal, classic but with a bit of an off sensibility. Silk photographs really well, even the shiny McQueen pants with their fluid drape which I worried would look cheap in pictures.

So with all this -- maybe I'll be posting more outfit photos now. If only I can get a pro photographer to follow me around!

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