Monday, May 21, 2012

Outift Post 1

This week, I worked with the very wonderful JR Blackwell on my very first photoshoot. It was a very fun experience, and in addition I now possess a ton of great quality photos of myself in all sorts of interesting Philadelphia backgrounds; so decided to do a couple of outfit posts, since I natter about clothes so much but almost never post any actual pictures.

So here we go, outfit one -- black silk jersey dress (Catherine Malandrino), silk Vozianov jacket, and Miu Miu slingbacks:

 I love this jacket's sculptural shape. It looks completely different from the side than from the front, so here are a few more views of it. The fold of the lapel works as a pocket for hand-placement purposes:

 Notice the sharp angle of the lapel that gradually becomes a tail:

The dress itself is fairly simple, but it drapes beautifully. This picture does a nice job highlighting the overall silhouette:

Many thanks to JR for taking these! I'm very pleased with the way the pictures came out, and the locations she picked. Later this week -- my other outfit.


ghg said...

So cool!

Victoria Janssen said...

Hey, I recognize that location!

lolita said...

Love your coat!Great outfit!