Monday, December 31, 2012

Happy new year, Internet!

Year in review: three anthologies and one short story collection, with a few shorts published here and there (Asimov's, ZvR, The Future Is Japanese IIRC). Wonderful trip to BVI's Scrub Island, with tons of snorkeling, kayaking, and paddleboarding. A great trip to Moscow, tinged with sadness, since this is when my father was ill. He is however spectacularly better, and this is something that made me so grateful. Also am grateful for well-being of my friend Tait, and for the chance to see Jason, Molly, and Jesse in person.

Work has been busy but rewarding, with added responsibilities and corresponding lack of time for other stuff. I did manage to add spinning to my usual gym routine, and lifting progressed nicely, to routine benches of 115 lbs.

I am glad I was able to keep up my fashion blogging, not the least because I was able to appreciate (and wear!) pieces by Van Hongo , Ella Lai Fung Kwann, Fyodor Vozianov, Ksenia Schneider and Viktor Luna (thank god for sample sales.) I hope to continue ditching clothes produced dubious labor practices in favor of independent designers.

(Me in my Vozianov jacket. Photo by JR Blackwell).

I rarely talk about my home life here, but this October Chris and I celebrated our 13th anniversary (and 15th anniversary of being together), and I am happy to report that we still like each other and enjoy each other's company -- the recent vacation made it especially clear. It's nice when your spouse is also your favorite person to hang out with. And occasionally climb huge rocks and kayak.

(Chris and I at the Baths, the famous location at Virgin Gorda, BVI)

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