Friday, October 02, 2009

I cannot shake the feeling...

... that people pining for good old days and how POLITE everyone used to be thirty-fifty-hundred years ago are simply missing the time when women and minorities didn't talk back. Because really, as far as public discourse is concerned, it is a lot more inclusive and aware of social justice and people's right to self-identification, and that makes our present the most polite time in history. I'd take a person who's not sure about how to handle a salad fork over someone who uses gendered and racial slurs any day.

In other news, Project Runway -- most boring episode ever, even despite Michael Kors' long-awaited reappearance. The challenge was to design a look (in blue) for Macy's INC line; I think I have a shirt by them, but it doesn't strike me as a line with well-defined aesthetics. So the outfits were pretty non-descript. The winning dress by Irina was nice enough; the rest I just don't remember (except for the teal disco pumpkin).

I loathe Nicolas' habit of saying how 'worried' he is about someone. God, but he is unpleasant. I really wish he would go home (and he would've, if it wasn't for immunity). Irina seems like a good designer, but I dislike her tendency to attack other people; this week it was Gordana (god, people, lay off Gordana already, what is that?) It was appalling, frankly, especially when she turned on her during judging AFTER they were informed that they had one of two highest scores. Why would you throw your team partner under a bus WHILE BEING PRAISED is beyond me; it's not even self-defense, it's self-defeating behavior, and when humiliating other person is more important than winning, I wonder.

In less boring news, Christopher experienced his first case of harsh criticism and suffered a complete meltdown. I'm not gloating at his misfortune, but I wonder if one bad experience will completely kill his confidence. Time will tell.

Oh, and Louise went home. I started out really liking her, but oh well. I miss Ra'mon.

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