Friday, October 23, 2009

Project Runway

Last week I was way too annoyed about Shirin's elimination to say anything coherent. Judging this season has been puzzling -- they eliminated three good designers (Ra'mon, Epperson and Shirin) while keeping Christopher, Logan, and Nicolas. Now Nicolas is gone, because of this:

Not necessarily a bad piece as such, albeit boring, but it was meant to represent Greece.

Christopher stayed in despite his take on Santa Fe:

When I think American Southwest, I think pastels and flippy skirts.

Then there was Logan, who despite weeks of people gushing over him failed to produce much in terms of, you know, designing clothes. Here's his version of Hollywood:

He's not wrong -- this is the sort of thing many younger struggling actors and models wear. But even in that vein, the jeans could fit better and be interesting, and the tanktop should've been flowy and embellished, and an interesting structured cardi could've lifted the whole outfit into something other than C&C California clearance rack.

Irina won once again -- this time with her take on Aspen. I like the trousers and exaggerated cowl; not crazy about the cutout back on the sweater (last thing you want in your winter wear, am I right?) and the Rachel Zoe furry vest.

For my money, however, Gordana should've won. Her take on Manhattan:

The necklace is painstakingly detailed and detachable, the dress is simple and elegant. Heidi admonished Gordana to be more confident. Blogosphere talks a lot about how unsure Gordana seems to be. Gee, I wonder if being randomly abused by the judges for the most of the season has anything to do with it. Poor Gordana can do no right -- first, she was in the bottom three for no reason, then she was scolded by Heidi AS SHE WON a challenge. I hope she makes it to the final three!

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