Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Oh, TV

So my penchant for silly TV will probably surprise exactly no one: when I have the brainpower to pay attention and follow complex plots, I would rather read or watch a good movie. So the TV I watch is usually of the kind that requires minimum of cognitive ability. Hence, Rachel Zoe Project.

I love this show. It is awesome, because you have a bunch of people running around being stressed, while a good portion of their days is occupied by going to various stores and boutiques and "pulling" outfits and jewelry. Yes, for free: celebs, who actually can afford Chanel gowns for Golden Globes, don't have to pay for them. The irony, it burns. (They also cannot pick their own free gowns -- this is why Rachel Zoe is in business.) While they're not pulling outfits, they go to fashion shows (in Paris!), organize photoshoots, and endorse product lines. And have vertigo attacks, even though no one knows what vertigo is.

So last night was the season's finale, in which Rachel relinquished (some of) her company's reins because of the aforementioned vertigo -- and that spells promotion for her associate Taylor (the only person at RZ who actually works hard and is conscientious), so yay for Taylor. Also, Rachel's husband Rodger (who comes across as very patient and sweet) gets to be in charge of the business end of things, and it looks like he would do a better job than Rachel who is incapable of picking who gets to go to Paris with her and has the assistants battle it out.

Also, this episode covered a hilarious photoshoot for V. magazine inspired by Olivia Newton-John's "Let's get physical!" (yes, really), for which Rachel's assistant Brad (who tries for adorable but comes off as annoying more often than not) goes to American Apparel (yes, really) to "pull some accessories" -- headbands, wrist bands, tights, legwarmers. There a sales clerk repeatedly asks him to 'gay marry' him, and Brad makes faces at the camera. The photoshoot is a success, and features Chanel leg warmers. Oh, TV!

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