Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Between Books

The reading at Between Books was lovely -- Greg (the owner of the bookstore) and Jeanne were wonderful hosts who fed us a delicious dinner before the reading. It was fantastic to see Jeff VanderMeer again and to hear him read and tell stories. The crowd was nice and friendly, and the bookstore is just awesome.

Also, there was a book cake!

How awesome is that thing???

And a few more pictures:

(Jeff and I signing)

(with our gracious hosts, Greg and Jeanne)

(Greg at the counter)

(Jeff, my husband Chris, and I -- with an amazing background of books.)


Genevieve said...

I wish I could have been there! (Both for you guys, and for cake.)

Annalee Newitz said...

Oh! Teh hotness!

Fish Monkey said...

Genevieve --

You were missed, and the cake was delicious.

Annalee -- it was really fun!

Jason Sizemore said...

Awesome photos. Writing talent overload in some of those photos. :)