Monday, December 21, 2009

Things I've learned while traveling in the snow

1. No one will mind that the flight is delayed if it's because the maintenance crew is reattaching some plane part that fell off. Sure, delay away!

2. One inch of snow is enough to incapacitate the Amsterdam airpot. To be fair, there was also poor visibility -- maybe this is why half of people on my flight had their luggage lost.

3. Yes, mine is missing too. They promise to get it to me tomorow night or the day after tomorrow morning.

4. Two delayed flight make for not missing connections. It is possible to sprint from teminal G to terminal D in Schiphol in under five minutes. Just to sit at the gate for two hours.

5. Where the cars fail, very small fathers succeed. There was a snow storm in Moscow too, with traffic at the standstill. Public transportation worked.

6. Taking a train, subway, and a bus to get home from the airport is much easier if the airline has thoughtfully lost your luggage.

7. After being awake for 31 hours, jetlag will ensure that you will wake up at 3 am after three hours of sleep. Humans have not yet evolved to deal with air travel.

8. Moscow is the most beautiful city in the world, snow storms or not.

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