Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Early reviews and BPAL

A couple of early reviews for The Secret History of Moscow are in.

First, Heidi Lampietti say nice things here

Then, Paul Tremblay comments here

In more frivolous news, short reviews of some BPAL limited edition scents I am currently sampling and liking. If you're not into perfume oils, feel free to skip.

Bakeneko=very warm amber/citrus scent, with occasional wafts of cinnamon and musk. Thankfully not enough cinnamon to burn.

Red Lantern=caramel and opium notes give it a very nice sweet character, with aromatic blond tobacco just underneath.

Tamamo No Mae= gentle spicy ginger/peachy scent that stays very close to skin, yet persists for 6+ hours. Undertones of light musk and tea. Awesome!

Hexennacht=starts out as a sharp piney smell, then morphs into smoky resin, with warm amber underneath.

Hungry Ghost Moon=similar to Tamamo, but much sweeter -- ginger, sugar, musk.

Lotus Moon=smells like bubblegum in the bottle and stays very sweet; one of the few florals I like for its sweetness and spicyness.

Bloody Mary= sweet cherry and creamy background.

Monster Bait: Closet=blackberry booze and cake.

Blue Moon (2007)=watery floral, prominent cucumber note.